I'm Nuria, product designer

based in Madrid

Of the '90, passionate about creating experiences that users will love 😍. Intrigued by HCI since 2013.

What I do?

  1. Distribute Insights of design thinking and the UX design process.
  2. User research & validate ideas with sketching and prototyping.
  3. Define of product requirements docs friendly for all.

Create digital products

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Favorite tools:
  • Asana
  • Figma
  • Mind maps
  • Slack
  • Typeform
  • Muji pen gel ink .38
  • Dotted paper

Key values

  1. I rely on good practices, habits and continuous improvement
    I am passionate about personal productivity and the impact of combining it with agile methodologies.
    I need order and clarity, and I reduce what's necessary until I get it. And it's contagious 😅.
  2. My background is visual design and front-end
    This helps me better understand the "hows".
    Sometimes the solution is not in a long development, but in playing with the communicative power of the interface and a brilliant copywritting.
  3. Be user, my friend
    For me it's a MUST to be a regular user of everything we design.
    This must be linked to team values and culture. As much as knowing how to give good feedback.

Do you think I could help you? I'm here